Back to Black

I’ve spent the past year stomping around iPhone CocoaTouch grounds and today I’m happy to say I’m coming back to Blackberry. My first re-experience with Backberry development happened around lunchtime when I was researching a problem in our application. I needed to remember how to bring up stack traces but couldn’t get it right to save my life. Alt+LGLG seems to only work after you quit the app. I could swear I was able to do it from a running app before. (Maybe it’s the OS 4.5 update, maybe it’s just me.) then I needed to experiment with changing the permissiopns in the app. The thought was that disallowing all HTTP would bring up an error screen which would show me which server the app was talking to. I changed permissions. The phone wanted to reboot. I rebooted and it appeared like nothing had been changed. I changed permissions back. It wanted to reboot again. I accidentally told the phone to reboot later. Paranoid I switched permissions again to bring up the prompt. The phone no longer cared whether I rebooted or not. I switched permissions back and forth 5 more times with no reboot prompts and no change in behavior. I pulled my battery and continued switching back and forth. Then I gave up altogether. I then decided to reinstall the app using the old javaloader program. Though it appeared to reinstall I ended up with a phantom application. This is when the app is installed but invisible to both Javaloader and the Tools/Applications menu.

Now I remember having a fix for this issue a while back but I don’t think I blogged it. Completely frustrated, I went to run the desktop manager. I thought it would be able to see and remove the phantom. Not being able to find desktopmanager on my PC (I uninstalled it some time ago) I went to reinstall it. Here’s my favorite part of Blackberry development. The final part of the Desktop Manager install process that pretends its hanging indefinitely. Had I not been through the install a few times before I would have pulled the plug. I’m done for now and ready to kick the next random object/person I see. Holla at me if you have a fix for phantom apps.

4 thoughts on “Back to Black

  1. Thats a great sum of blackberry dev right there 🙂

    pull the battery, then plug into the pc.

    javaloader -u dir

    see the cods you need to remove

    javaloader -u erase -f

    that should clear everything out.

  2. Oh yeah! I remember “dir”. Here’s the problem with that tip, though. Unless you’re fancy enough to run Cygwin, which I’m not, then the cod file in question will roll right passed your nose as the three thousand seven hundred sixty eight different lines whiz up the screen. I found out how I used to manage phantoms now. Just remember the name used as the RIM-COD-Module-Name (I use referr to the JAD file in my build setup) and pass that as the cmd line parameter to “javaloader -u erase”

  3. You can? I didn’t know that. For what it’s worth I just started fiddling with Windows Power Shell which has pipes built in. I’ll put up a short blurb about it later tonight. It’s been soo long since I did anything serious in Windows I keep forgetting what’s there.

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