Windows Power Shell?

Don’t ask me why, but I never use Cygwin. I tried it many years ago before knowing anything about Unix/Linux and it just felt completely intimidating. As a result, I grew up in a sheltered Windows cmd prompt environment. when I finally did baptize myself in Linux, I never looked back to Windows… except for the rare occasion to play unreal tornament, or connect to an MS Exchange server, or to play with Xara. Today I decided to choke down some experience from a tool I saw a long time ago, Windows Power Shell. Having a little background in Windows Script Host was mentioned as an advantage in the documentation so I was pleased to have written that “Hello World” VBScript/JScript mashup XML file 3-4 years ago. I then saw a mention of pipes. Woohoo! I can finally chain the output of one command into another! So I launched power shell and was comforted by its DOS like appearance. I got so lost in the wonders of what lurks inside this new untapped tool that I forgot why I opened it in the first place.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever set out to accomplish some task, thought about a tool that would probably make you work twenty times more efficient, picked up that tool, played a little, then forgot what you were supposed to do with it? I know my original purpose had something to do with Blackberry, RAPC, possibly Ant and some kind of automation. I just can’t remember what the goal was. Maybe I wanted to pipe the output of “javaloader -u dir” to a Groovy script so I could find the phantom install. Maybe I wanted to redirect std in to an encrypted file with my password so that I could automagically push a cod file to my phone in one click. Maybe I wanted to do both of those things. As I sit on my most important brain cells, I’ll never know the answer.

One thought on “Windows Power Shell?

  1. Weird, I did almost the same thing. I never did get around to writing the little automation script I set out to create. I just did it in Groovy.

    It does seem cool though.

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