Use Javaloader instead of OTA

So it’s been a loong time since I did anything with the 8830, anything aside from loading iHeartRadio, Pandora and Slacker to keep me motivated while cutting the grass on Saturdays. Now I’m working on software again and remembering the pain I used to go through. The biggest pain in Blackberry development is the development cycle. The ol’ edit code, compile, install, test that will drive you nuts by the second time you repeat. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you use a private OTA server in your development cycle. I’m here to educate you in the finer arts of Javaloader, an alternative to both OTA and desktop manager installs. Not much to say today other than install the JDE. Inside the JDE there’s a command line tool called Javaloader. Inside Javaloader is the smarts to move a gobbly-gook of ones and zeroes through your USB serial connector and onto the silicone that powers your Blackberry. It’s slick. It’s quick. It makes me sick.

Here’s the thing with Javaloader. Ever since I started using it again it leaves my application in a state that is unknown to the device. That is, it wont show up under Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications. That makes it kinda hard to remove because you have to use Javaloader with the correct module name (luckily my module name is the same as the cod file). There’s one other minor issue. when you go to remove a module Javaloader will frequently complain that the module is in use. I just found this reference to the Javaloader command line which implies that you can pass an “-f” flag to force an erase of a module even if its in use. And finally, here’s the last issue. My application persists data to the device. Even though I erase with Javaloader it still seems to leave the persisted data lying around. I wish I had something more educated to say on the topic but the fact is I’m just getting re acclimated with the tools. Hang around here and I’ll probably post updates as I re-rememberize how to use all this stuff once again.

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