AIM status fun

Not too many people know that you can work your AIM status the same way as Twitter. It’s even more fun when you start noticing other people’s status message throughout the day. Here’s a little AIM fun tip me and my buddy learned by accident. A great way to throw people completely off, especially people like me that have nothing better to do but pay attention to status messages, is to reverse your away and available messages. Try it now. Let it ride for about a week or so and pretend like nothing is wrong. Not only is it funny to see other’s reactions but you’ll notice nobody will bother you during the day. All of the hard questions come when you’re on lunch break. You can easily duck them with the ol’, “I was getting my taxes done during lunch” excuse.

“But it said you were back from lunch??!!!”

“Did it? I just installed Pidgin and haven’t been able to follow the new setup. Sorry!”

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