CoreAudio Conflict with iPod

I don’t have a lot of time to blog but I gotta get this out. I’d been playing with streaming audio in an iPhone app I wrote when things suddenly stopped working. It was the weirdest experience I ever had. I made a minor change pulling my audio from a URL which I reverted and still it wouldn’t work. It had been fully functional the night before and this left me puzzled. I tried rebooting my phone, still nothing. I went back to some earlier tutorials which all stopped working. My last effort was to try a video tutorial which played without sound. For some unknown reason I decided to plug in my earbuds and that’s when I discovered the iPod was paused in the background. Stopping the iPod allowed all the other apps to function once again. Heads up to you if you’re doing any work with Core audio or even the AVPlayer because it too is subject to the same behavior. The scariest part is that I had just fixed two major bugs last night and had intended to do an ad-hoc demo in a meeting which was luckily rescheduled.

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