Blackberry Device Debugging… Take 5

So I finally got the debugger attached to a Blackberry simulator. I can step through simple hello world apps in most simulators. I can’t debug our main app yet. I figured out how to hack a user supplied jad into a Blackberry project created with the Eclipse plugin. Its not straight forward. You can’t just add a Jad to the project. You can’t use the import command. You have to manually edit the “.jdp” file. I only know to do this because I remembered the rapc command line syntax. I also learned from my earlier JDE hacking, how to edit this file to add additional files to the project. I’m having trouble getting something more complicated loaded on the Storm simulator. It must be because I didn’t add the 4.7 component pack. Instead I tried to change the library variable created by the 4.5 pack to point to an existing net.rim.api.jar that I pulled out of a JDE 4.7 install. It’s late and the downloads for the rest of the component packs are taking forever. Why does the Blackberry update site want to authenticate you once for each component pack you download?

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