XCode orange breakpoints???

I waste more time not knowing the details behind XCode. I’m playing with some basic image drawing code and trying to figure out why my custom UIView doesn’t appear on screen. Naturally I click the gutter in the drawRect method to set a break-point. XCode moonwalks right over the breakpoint each time! I try all different kinds of varaitions of my custom drawing, both overriding UIImageView and manually adding it to another view. Each time XCode does a hop-scotch over the drawRect breakpoint. I only notice that the break point turns orage when I run the program. I finally figure out that I had a type-o in a custom graphic file name causing it to appear like nothing was happening. Still XCode ignores my breakpoint.

Because I’ve seen this behavior before I now know my code is begin executed even though XCode doesn’t honor my breakpoint. What I really need to know is why does XCode sometimes ignore breakpoints? What is the significance of these orange breakpoints? As of now there’s nothing I can do to set the break-point except for checking the checkbox in the breakpoint manager dialog. Why does this happen? Why is my IDE clowning me?

Found the answer here. In short, XCode sometimes gets its symbol references confused. To rememdy the problem you can either disable “Lazy Loading of Symbols” in the debug preferences or delete the file from XCode (just remove the reference not the actual file) and re-add it.

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