Eclipse: Multiple Problems Have Occurred

So I’m working on some Blackberry development and I’m using the MTJ plugin stuff for Eclipse, right? I’m running things in the debugger using the WTK simulator. Now I wanna add a watch point. I add a watch on a local variable with no problem. Then I right click an instance variable and select “watch”. Eclipse has multiple problems:

Eclipse Has Multiple Problems
Eclipse Has Multiple Problems

Why can’t Eclipse process its asynch thread queue? Why should I care? I’ve posted tough problems like this before and sometimes one or two of you chime in with helpful advice. I don’t normally use Eclipse but I’m trying it for size during this project. Can somebody weigh in here? Have you seen this before? Am I not supposed to watch variables in the debugger while running JME apps under WTK?

2 thoughts on “Eclipse: Multiple Problems Have Occurred

    1. Follow me @ dizzydiz. I’ve stopped my obssesive updating from the Black Friday holiday season. I’ve also stopped trying to start one of those trendy things. I do update when I create a new Blog post.

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