Sorry for ignoring you

These past few weeks have been chaotic. I’ve had more people asking for special favors than I’ve had seconds in each minute. If you are among those people who needed me to work on something, wanted me to research something, looked for a technical solution to something, or whatever then this post is for you. I apologize. I’ve had to ignore you, the others, and my family members in order to make progress on a few initiatives I’d started recently.

I currently work on Blackberry mobile stuff for touch screen devices. We’re trying to port our product to more platforms and the deadline is here. Also, I now have voice/speech working both ways in an iPhone app. (That’s recognition and synthesizing.) I’m working on getting the same idea going on the Blackberry Storm. I did a demo for the new executive that came to visit yesterday. I’m also killing myself over a podcast me and a buddy did last week trying to convert it to a form that can be viewed, heard, and appreciated around the company. Lump that on top of the forty-five other things that brothers, sisters, mothers, wives (no I only have one of those), and friends have asked me to look into. I put everyone on hold… silently. I really wanna help you, I do. I appreciate doing tech stuff and I wish I had more arms and heads to solve these problems simultaneously. Alas, I am but one being. One tired, worn out being who disparately needs a new hard drive in his Mac because this thing has slowed to a crawl. (At this point I know it’s the hard drive that’s slowing everything else because I’ve killed enough programs to free memory.) I also plan to be more active on my site. There’s a ton of things I want to talk about. If you’re a regular visitor do me a favor… help a brother out… Could somebody research and find a good tutorial on Cover Story for iPhone development? I really, really, really, wanna do something devilish… I mean innovative with it. I have big plans for Cover Story… big plans indeed!