Creating symbolic links in a tar using the Maven Assembly plugin

A while ago I posted some promising info on how one might go about creating symbolic links in a tar using the Maven Assembly plugin. But as luck would have it there is no promise here… not yet. It’s such a shame because this can actually be programmed using some clever platform detection and command line trickery. It could also be done by enhancing the tar logic in whatever the open source project name is. However, I cannot do this today, nor do I have the time to investigate enhancing the tar objects in Java or anything else. The general idea is: given a directory with sym links, create a tar from the directory while maintaining the symbolic link structure within. I ran into the problem again this afternoon after revisiting the project. It’s funny how I thought I actually had a solution until I ran some of my old code searched Google and turned up my old blog post. If anyone has solved this problem speak up.