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Too many social networks

I rode the Wave then Twitter sucked me in! I don’t do Facebook anymore because too many people would know too much of my dirty laundry. (Not that I have anything to hide I’m just careful on what I share with whom.) It started over a year ago when those Facebook apps got to be …

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Objective-C Gotchas

You’re working in Objective-C land trying to get a product out the door and into the Apple iTunes Store, right? (Don’t argue with me I’m just setting the stage.) You’re feeling the second cup of coffee seep into your bloodstream which creates a certain euphoric sensation as the last 3 times you mashed Cmd+B turned …

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This makes me happy

groovy -e ‘def printout = { it.consumeProcessOutput(System.out, System.err); it.waitFor() }; new File(/./).eachDirMatch ({ new File(it, /pom.xml/).exists() }) { printout(“mvn -f $it/pom.xml clean”.execute()) }’ Which can be simplified from Groovy 1.5 to Groovy 1.6.5 speak: groovy -e ‘new File(/./).eachDirMatch ({ new File(it, /pom.xml/).exists() }) {“mvn -f $it/pom.xml clean”.execute(). waitForProcessOutput(System.out,System.err)}’ which only fits in a tweet if …

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Don’t forget to flush!

It’s been a rough day. I spent the majority of it chasing down random misbehavior on a staging server. My development machine is 32 bit. (Technically my development machine is 64 bit but I’m running a 32bit Kernel in my OS.) The staging server is 64bit. I write Java. Java sez, “you write once and …

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Linux Can’t load

Your a Java developer and you’ve installed Linux. Maybe this is your first time converting from Windows. Maybe you’re a Linux veteran trying Java for the first time. Maybe you’re new to both Java and Linux and you’re running some crappy program some other Java guy wrote. Whatever your background is, you now find yourself …

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Wave to me

I received a Google Wave invite this morning from a friend and I was all excited and ready to jump in. You know that feeling you get when you put on your favorite hat and your best shoes, grab a six pack and run into the party but nobody’s there? Yeah, thats the feeling. It’s …

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