Wave to me

I received a Google Wave invite this morning from a friend and I was all excited and ready to jump in. You know that feeling you get when you put on your favorite hat and your best shoes, grab a six pack and run into the party but nobody’s there? Yeah, thats the feeling. It’s like the Music is playing but there’s no DJ on the turn tables. You got a full tank of gas, you mash the pedal but the transmission is slipping. It’s when you pour the most gigantimous bowl of Lucky Charms, grab the shovel from next to the microwave oven, dig it into the bowl then open the refrigerator door to find an empty milk carton. I’m not out of hope, if I gotta wave to complete strangers then that’s what I’ll do for now. It’d be much better if Google found a way to make it work with existing communications like AIM, email, MyBook and FaceSpace. Then people would have some use for it other than a place holder in an otherwise empty conversation, “…say y’know I got one uh dose G Wiz Googly Wave thing-a-ma-jigs… it’s awesome…”

If you’re in the same boat as I am, look for clifton.craig somewhere in the wave system. By the way, how do you search and find new contacts with this crazy thing? Until then, I’m waving but nobody’s waving back… holler…

7 thoughts on “Wave to me

    1. @Alvaro: Now if I gave you an invite I’d have to empty my invite queue to the very next 3 people that piped up and asked. To be honest I want to try to do something clever with the limited invites I have…

    1. Hey T! Long time no hear! I don’t use Wave like I thought I would. Right now there’s just too many Social networking distractions in my life with Twitter recently occupying 3/4 of my Thanksgiving holiday. I do pan to get back on Wave and try something outstanding with it in the next month or so. Thanx for adding me.

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