My Top 80’s Moments

I bring you tidings and cheer this year. All the way from Stonegate Drive where I spent many an hour in front of the T.V. I list my top five 80’s moments.

Transformers The Movie (One shall stand, one shall fall)

The Last Dragon (Busta Rhymes and Marlon Wayans need to do a remake!)

Bruce Lee Nunchucks (Nuff said)

Bruce Lee and Kareem (Now why would they use the Asian lengthening effect for a clip with Kareem?)

Breaking Electric Boogaloo (Sweeping the living room hadn’t been the same since!)

And number six (I can’t leave it out) Storm Shadow vs. Snake Eyes

Honestly I’m not sure if it was more cool to have the glow or the touch but either way I found myself in front of the mirror practicing mentally induced spontaneous combustion. (Don’t act like it was just me! A whole lot of you thought you could light up an empty dark room but instead found a way to accidentally crap your pants when showing your homies.)

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