Dragon says, Bob bob bob…

What if you could touch a button on your phone, start speaking, and the phone could hear what you said and respond intelligently? What if you could type text messages with your voice, send emails and such? I know, there’s apps like VLingo and recently Nuance Dragon Dictation popped up in the AppStore.

So the other day I’m playing with Dragon Dictation, right? Oh yeah… Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you wanna hear what Dragon said. Haha, funny funny, on with the story. So I’m playing with Dragon Dictation on the iPhone, right? And immediately this thing is nailing every word a stammer at it. (I sometimes stutter especially when I’m excited about something or get some new piece of tech in front of me.) I’m so impressed. I try it on my wife, without her knowing. I just wanted to see how powerful this thing truly is. So I set it to record while she goes on about her day. She catches on to what I’m doing and gets slightly annoyed. I then explain, “I’m just trying out this new voice stuff on the iPhone!” She grabs the phone from me and says, “I got something for your dumb phone!” (She is easily irritated when I play with toys in front of her.) While its on record she starts swearing into the thing. She was angry but in a playful way and so we both watched after I grabbed the phone back and clicked the stop button. “Dragon says Bob bob bob all about Bob!” read the display.

She tried a few more times with different inflections on the F-Bomb and each time it translated to “Bob”. At this point I go into one of my long winded explanations of how it uses a dictionary to translate audio into text at which point she becomes totally uninterested due to my overwhelming geekery. Its funny how audio translates into text. Its even more funny how funny this story would be if I actually told it to you out loud. Its more more funny how unfunny the story looks in text. Audio to text is funny! Too funny! If you want to laugh, try Dragon Dictation for free in the app store and tell it a really funny joke or story. Then paste the results below.

2 thoughts on “Dragon says, Bob bob bob…

  1. Ah the lengths people go to in order to pass Apples’s app submission guidelines.

    “We regret to inform you we have rejected your application submission. During our review process one of our testers stubbed their toe and discovered inappropriate language originating from your application.”

    1. Dear Mr. Emmet,

      How goes the recovery? Either you’re feeling much better or somebody hijacked my buddies GMail account. I suppose such a feature could result in rejection. But what someone like Dave Chappelle needed to take notes for an upcoming show?

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