To be continued…

It’s been a long time…
I shouldn’t uh left you…
without some dope code to step to.
(step to, step to… step to….)

If you’re new to this site then you probably don’t get it. If you’re a regular visitor then you probably still won’t get it. (Honestly the rhyme/rhythm is lost in the hypertext.) If you from round the hood then I don’t need to explain. If you know someone from the hood then you might get it. If you hang with someone who hangs with someone from the hood then have that person read the above to you. I’m Cliff, and you’re here even though you don’t know how to rhyme. I’m here to remind you that I still do things with mobile phones and computers. Granted, I haven’t put anything new up in a while. I wrote a few posts but never finished. I’ve been busy trying to get deep into audio programming and also revisiting some old code I wrote for Blackberry. My hope is to get RAPC running on my Mac once again and this time have the Mac work with the Blackberry simulator too. I hate that I haven’t posted or changed my site. That’s gonna be different this year. If your one of my regulars then keep your eyes on this spot. If you’re new then keep your eyes on the guy that’s keeping his eyes on this spot… make sure he doesn’t take nothing!

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