You might be a moron if…

…if you can’t set the clock to 6:15. I set the clock to 6:15! Finally, after many months of not understanding this step on the Moron Test. I love Moron Test! It was the 1st and probably the only app I’ve purchased for the iPhone. On the first update of the app, when they added the second section there was a step that had me stuck for… well, for months! I couldn’t figure out how to set the clock to 6:15. I just figured it out. Wow, this game is really clever! They should charge more for it. I’ve always had a thing for brain teasers. There’s another similar app I just downloaded for free which is comparable to Moron Test. It’s called Imbecile Test. It has the same look and feel, just different steps and different music. That one had me stumped on a step too. Now that I figured out the clock I was finally able to get passed that wierd step in Imbecile Test. I’m not going to give away the answers like I did last time. I’m sure you can Google for the answers but I’m not going to cheat. Check ’em both out if you haven’t already.

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