Free Voice Guidance Navigation on the iPhone

Yesterday we became the first to offer free voice guided turn by turn navigation on the iPhone. Not Google, not Apple, not even AT&T but MapQuest! I know a lot of people will be all like, “Google’s free on Android!”, or “Verizon does this!” and “Garmin does that!” but let me tell you. There has been a monumental change within the walls of AOL. Things are moving in MapQuest. Free turn by turn is only the first step. And because you got a nut like me working on the project you can believe there’s a lot more coming. I don’t typically post a lot of specifics about AOL or MapQuest here but yesterday was highly important. We’re going to establish ground in the market of mobile. And we’re going to do so while you’re sleeping. …While you’re obsessing over whatever Motorola puts out. …While you’re tinkering with your Google Maps mashup. We’re going to release something that will have you saying “wha?? Why didn’t Tom-Tom think of that? Where was Google when they thunk that up?” If you don’t know, then you’ll know!

2 thoughts on “Free Voice Guidance Navigation on the iPhone

    1. The Palm Pre is a b eautiful device. Indeed it is the only phone out there that I believe can successfully compete with the iPhone. Multi-touch, decent animation effects, multi-tasking, and all kinds of goodness. Yes, we’ll see what the future holds.

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