The Mac that time forgot

So I’m in the crux of some of the trickiest development I’ve ever done, right? I’m compiling iPhone binaries, running Linux on a VM on a MacPro, crunching Java “.war” files with Maven, hot deploying, addressing JNI issues, bouncing from Netbeans to Idea to XCode and back. All the time I’m working across several machines, physical and virtual. All I needed was one more layer of complexity… just one more variable thrown in “just because”. Well yesterday it happened. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you found the fix to your Blackberry issue the other day when Google pointed you to me and now you’re looking for more info. I’m here to tell you that it’s going to be at least another couple of months before I can come up for air long enough to say the words “Blackberry”. (Is that one word or two?)

Yesterday I had my first taste of a new beta software install. Because of NDA I’m going to refrain from being specific. (That’s going to totally screw up this post but so it goes.) Lets just say I installed this new beta in an attempt to meet a business objective. The problem is that installed it on my Mac desktop. I really needed it on my laptop but because I use my laptop much more I thought I’d keep the official, earlier release of the software installed on my Mac laptop. Lets say that part of the software made its way on to my laptop causing all kinds of complications. That was the first half of my chaos. Let’s turn the page to a new day.

Today I decided I had enough with my current file shuffling. I discovered, after getting these two new Macs with Snow Leopard, that I could no longer use MacFusion/MacFuse for moving files to and from Linux hosts. (I probably could use Samba but I don’t have the permission/time/patience to set it up on the various hosts I access regularly.) There were various fixes for Snow Leopard but somewhere around version 10.6.3 MacFusion just stopped working all together. I’d been looking, every few days, for a recent fix and I finally found one. Here’s the caveat. I found this same fix about a week ago and found out that it didn’t work. Google pointed me to a possible solution that involved nuking both MacFuse and Mac Fusion and reinstalling. I tried it on my desktop and SUCCESS! I tried the same exact process on my laptop and no-go. I don’t no why, but nothing seems to work on this laptop. Not the partial beta software I tried yesterday, not MacFusion, I even have problems running Parallels 4.0. (I know version 5 is available but I didn’t get a license for that just yet.) It must be something under the hood. I’m probably going to need to re-install the OS just to get things going correctly. I hate that I have to do that but, so it goes.