When they like what you do…

I love when I see other people post reviews and examples of our app. Especially when those examples highlight a feature that I worked directly on. It’s also a great feeling when you can say “we were first to the iPhone with free voice turn-by-turn guidance!” I don’t talk much about what I do on this site because a lot of it is covered under NDA, exclusivity contracts, and hush-or-we’ll-find-the-closest-people-to-you type agreements. Basically there’s a huge conflict of interest so I keep quiet on most of my work. That also explains why things have been quiet here for a minute. If you’ve been here before then you probably expect me to tell you why you’re here. Honestly, I don’t have a good reason for why you’re here but I can tell you how to get there! I appreciate any kudos nice reviews you can give to our app in the iTunes store and if you haven’t tried it yet I encourage you to download it. We have a nice product and I promise it’s going to get a LOT better with our next release!

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