The new face of MapQuest

Check it out y’all! Today we went live with the new face of MapQuest! The New MapQuestWhile I’ve been heads down working iPhone I can’t forget to mention the remarkable face-lift! Gone are the multiple address fields (although we had a single copy/paste box for some time now it was lesser known). Say hello to the new purple and green logo. Saving your maps happens automatically and you can log in to “My Maps” using any of the major email or social networking accounts you already have setup. Planning a trip or vacation? Add multiple stops along your route and drag the route around to create an ideal path. Click share when you’re done to send directions around to your friends. Of course this is only the beginning of what we’re doing at MapQuest. Stay tuned and watch for soon to come updates to the site and of course to our mobile apps! Got an idea or need help using something? Check out our help site or post to our forums. I’ll be hanging out there pretending to know what’s going on. Even though we look like a huge presence, trust me, we do listen to everyone’s feedback and ideas. You’d be surprised at how responsive our team can be.

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