Missing an entire section of code!

Don’t you hate it when you put your blood, sweat, and snot (would say tears but my nose tends to run more than my eyes when I work hard) into some section of your code… you release it and it runs flawlessly for a few months then you come back to find that the one section you poured your heart into is not being executed at all? Don’t you just hate that? I’m Cliff. You’re here because you write code for the machine to ignore. (If you’re here for another reason then go away because around here we only care about stuff that compilers can optimize away!)

Maybe it came as the result of my earlier iterative optimization. Maybe it was just an oversight. Whatever the case, I’m now looking at a section of code that appears very important but is guaranteed to never execute. Because I’m not nearly as dumb as I smell on a Saturday after cutting the grass I’m going to pretend that I meant to skip this section of code. In the interim I’ll explain how I got here. If you didn’t catch it, we released version 2.0 of our popular turn by turn navigation app over the weekend but there was a small problem integrating external music apps like Pandora. We posted a break fix 1st thing on Sunday because we understood the impact of people using their phone as internet music portal. However, in the mean time I’m looking at code that I cried over… code meant to handle the audio sessions in a sensible way… code that the run time never sees as the compiler likely plays hop-scotch over it.

I don’t get it. In my mind I had localized the activation of the audio session to a single place. I had completed method interfaces (or protocols in ObjC tongue) to mirror the way I would express my intent in English. I crossed my eyes and dotted my tees but somehow I did such a good job in my optimization that it somehow became optional to start an audio session. In other words, I don’t see how/where audio sessions are started at all but yet we get music ducking with the iPod. (We also kinda get it with Pandora now too but its needing a little more work.) By the end of the day I should have a better understanding of what went wrong here.

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