Holler if you here us!

So you’ve heard, “turn left now.” You’re familiar with, “Loading route”, and you naturally anticipate, “Recalculating” when you thought you made that right at Albuquerque. Now the pleasant folks at MapQuest (and me too) are bringing you MapQuest 4 Mobile version 2! In this release you can expect the fresh new MapQuest branding, an updated voice, full street name announcements, automatic recalculating, highlighted current maneuver in the list display, background execution, and a whole lot of good ol’ engineering under the hood. (Read more on the official blog post.) This is the kind of engineering that makes the overall app smell refreshing. You can now get audio prompts even while on a phone call. We play nice with the iPod and duck Pandora (after a little tweaking, though Pandora appears to have fade back issues with all apps). The best part about it all is that its truly mobile! You can get directions to the beach, park your car, then unmount your phone and take it with you to get walking directions to the nearby restaurants! Try doing that with an in-car nav device. This release is a major enhancement of the product and one of the main reasons why I have not been posting regularly. Go download it now and leave me some feedback on how you like it. Does it work for you? Did you make it to that financial meeting on time? Were there any issues?

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