Make that left turn at Albuquerque

You finally bought an iPhone and now you’re driving. You’re heading someplace important. You don’t need to be late. You don’t need to feel nervous what street to turn on. Enter MapQuest 4 Mobile version 2.0! Oh, by the way, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you didn’t get lost going there. I’m here to tell you the best way to get there.

At #5 in the app store (I just checked 5 minutes ago but that number is subject to change…) MapQuest 4 Mobile is fast becoming a crowd favorite. In version 2 we updated the voice directions and added iOS4 support. This is only the beginning. With a nut like me behind the keyboard you can only imagine what’s on deck. I wish I could let you in on my diabolical plans. I wish I could drop a clue on the things I’ve been plotting. It’s gonna be fun, and it’s going to be something that everyone will appreciate. We’ve had some issues this release with our team splitting to work in different areas and our workload increasing. The new MapQuest redesign has sprouted the need to redesign some core features in our iPhone product. Doing this work and plotting for the next new thing has caused split focus among some of us. (Ok, I admit… I tend to focus on everything that glows or has a pushable button!)

Number 5 in the App Store

There were some issues with Pandora that I felt silly for speaking about in our forums. We promptly fixed the issues the same day they were reported with an update available within 28-48 hours. There are some other things we can tidy up, but overall I can’t say how proud we are all with this release. I also have to send a big shot out to everyone in every mailing list/forum that has responded to any technical issue that I have raised. I’ve learned to to write C/C++ like a big boy. I’ve gotten even more comfortable with calling into C/C++ from Java via JNI. I’ve learned how to compress and decompress audio for speedy network transfer. I’ve learned how to pass audio samples directly into audio queues like a professional. I’ve learned a ton about AudioSessions on the iPhone. I got to speak with the cool guys at Pandora. I got the chance to pretend that I know as much as they do about audio programming. All in all its been an eventful couple of months.

If you haven’t tried the app yet go get it from the app store. Leave some feed back, post issues in our forums. We’re listening and we have a track record for responding to user feedback.

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