I love music

So I’m in the office this morning chillin’ listening to Redman and Notorious B.I.G. and I’m gettin’ my groove on. I feel so distracted… so… like I’m not really at work. I feel like I’m sluffing off, or cheating. In all reality I’m hard at work. I’m chasing one of those random hard to reproduce bugs in MapQuest 4 Mobile on the iPhone. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you like to keep it jiggy while you code. As if you knew how to keep it jiggy. What is a jiggy anyhow? Who was the first person to keep it jiggy? How did this person get it jiggy? What state are things in when they’re not jiggy? Why is it so critical that we maintain this jiggy status throughout the day? And finally, why do I never see “jiggy” posted as an AIM or Facebook or LinkedIn status? I digress.

Back to this morning. I was totally in professional work mode. The objective was to pin the cause of a glitch in our app that sometimes keeps Pandora radio permanently attenuated. Then I started nodding unintentionally. You know that feeling that comes over you when you hear one of those songs you used to get down to when you were in high school? Before I knew it I went from algorithms and Objective-C to quietly mouthing rhymes along with some of my long time favorites. The signature white earphones connecting my iPhone to my eardrums pumped a steady stream of beats into my central nervous system resulting in what passerby coworkers would regard as convulsions as I began pop-locking in my chair. I had begun the morning by resuming a virtual trip from my home to the daycamp to the office where I noticed the bug. From “demo” debug mode I was replaying the trip I took this morning while I played Pandora in the background. There it is! right in the middle of typing this post and listening to Redman’s “Tonight’s the night” as my car approaches the exit I hear the music duck and it doesn’t fade back in! I’ve reproduced the problem! It only took 10 minutes of head nodding and silent free-styling to get hear. Now how do I tighten my net?

The other half of resolving bugs involves tighten your repro-net around the errant behavior. I can’t possibly continue cycles of replaying my complicated morning trip where I actually detoured back home after forgetting to take an important bag out of my trunk. The entire trip took over 20 minutes. I need to iterate over the section where the problem occurs. This is one of those issues that I can’t produce in any of my more isolated test harnesses. Now the Wu is playing and I’m about to get distracted even further. I can’t understand how the people at Pandora get any work done. I love music…

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