SVN and XCode drama

So I’m trying to share the KingOfBrian-VocalKit project with my buddy on the other side of ‘Merica and I decided the best way to do this is via our in office SVN repo. (For some reason this project always makes me think of the King of beers.) We’re working at a feverish pace these days and while I normally could problem sleuth little issues like “you used a different SVN client than me” I don’t have time to go over every little detail. So I drag/drop the project into my svn import GUI (actually I click and hunt using its file dialog… drag/drop is what I wanted to do but its not supported) after removing the build folders b/c you don’t s’pose to commit buildy/binary stuff and I draft an email early this morning. “Sorry I sat on this for so long…” the email began. Then I was off to work on some other high priority stuff.

Now in a perfect world that would have been the end of the handoff. I played with the project… got it to load on device, now you grab and go with it. My buddy pulls down source and clicks build/debug. He’s missing a bunch of static lib dependencies! this is the very same problem I’d seen and fixed about a month ago. I don’t have time to re-investigate. I drag the version I deleted back out the trash and gave it a test run. Ran the first time, unlie the version I pulled out of SVN. Now the problems here are obvious. First off, you should never build dependencies on static libs residing in a SCM. Even before that you should never commit compiled source to a SCM!! The only reason I did this is because there’s no 5 second solution to bringing in a static lib dependency from a natural lib repository in the iPhone development world. If I had the time to hunt down the XCode development team and belt them for making iPhone development so dang old fashioned I would! I’ll just leave with a parting note… Just because Apple says it’s new doesn’t mean its better. Hell, I don’t even know what that parting note is supposed to mean. I can’t stand the iPhone/Xcode build tools…

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