Bill Cosby’s not dead? I didn’t know he was sick…

I was watching the Today Show this morning when they announced Bill Cosby is indeed not dead. I was like, “Not dead? I didn’t know he was sick!” Now I don’t normally blog unless it’s about something technical. Also, I’m usually on top of the latest trends in tech. (This is the part where I’d normally tell you why you’re here but we already know why you’re not over there so you gotta be here! Now keep reading…) Apparently a recent twitter trend described the actor turned comedian turned actor we all know and love as deceased. It’s sad when you think how far society has come and how low society sunk when we can all collaboratively agree on the dear departure of somebody as influential as Mr. Cosby without an inkling of journalistic, physical or otherwise practical evidence. Put yourself in his shoes.

Imagine, for a moment, that you wake up, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and do whatever it is you typically do when the alarm goes off. You’ve done all of that right? Now you head onto the bus to work and everyone is looking at you strange. You’ve done nothing different with your hair, though you kinda nicked yourself with the razor but it should be unnoticeable. It certainly doesn’t warrant the stares you’re encountering as you make your way to the building where you earn your income. You’re off the bus and heading into the building. The receptionist suddenly blurts out your name in an alarming, “you’d better get the press” sort of fashion. She glares at you as if to warn you about a tiny red dotted light on your forehead though no such light exists.

Completely oblivious to all of the bizarre behavior. You get to your desk to make you’re usual phone calls to coworkers and check your usual inbox for messages only to find that your extension doesn’t dial out and your password won’t unlock your computer screen. Not one person explained the sudden change all the way up to this point and you’re now nearing panic mode. You get where I’m going by now I’m sure.

Here’s the thing. Bill Cosby is on Twitter! I had to go through a long story/dissertation that trails off quietly in the spirit of Bill. I love this guy, but what really gets me about him is how he tells his stories. He reminds me of my grandfather, full of wisdom. You never know where he’s going until he gets there and if you don’t follow the entire story you miss the point! Every story has a meaning, and every part of the story is relevant. whether he’s talking about a piece of lint… on the left side (or was it the right side) of his head or if he’s talking about an interaction with a small child there’s a certain depth.

I’m certain there’s a lot of people that don’t get the brilliance of his speeches. They probably think, “Hey it’s Bill Cosby and he’s setting me up for a joke…” then they miss the point. Or they might look for some deeper meaning to what he’s saying, over analyze like, “Hey, Bill what are you really trying to tell me?” Then they miss the punch line to the joke. they don’t know that you have to ingest the entirety of the conversation before you can get both the joke and the heavier underlying moral. A great man off doing even greater things with today’s technology! Bill Cosby is with it man! (You’d have to hear me read this post out loud to hear the humor in that last line…)

I almost forgot to mention… who’d have thought there was an App for that?

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