Macfuse on Snow Leopard

A bunch of people have been asking me about running MacFuse on Snow Leopard. I found a fix here a long time ago on a Google search. However that fix only worked on my desktop. For my laptop I had to fix another long standing issue. To be fair, I didn’t fix the issue, one of my coworkers told me what was up. I somehow had my executable bit set the wrong way on my /usr/lib folder. I thought I blogged about my “/usr/lib” drama but I guess I didn’t. For what it’s worth, there’s some crazy program out there that will make your “/usr/lib” not executable. This dumb change will break Macfuse, Audacity plugins, Parallels, and a bunch of other things. When in doubt, run “ls -la /usr” on the cmd line. If your lib folder is not executable make it so.

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