Cannot Sync iPhone unknown error (-39)

The iphone “xxx” cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-39).

Does this sound like you? Are you getting nowhere plugging and unplugging your iPhone or iPod to your computer and expecting things to move back and forth freely? Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you just killed the last 4 hours needlessly restoring from backup. I’m here to inform you that there is a simpler less time consuming and less information losing approach. Call up iTunes and uncheck the sync photos option. Hit apply and allow it to remove all the photos from your device. Then check the synch photos option and hit apply again. This, of course, is a bad idea if you have pictures that never made it to your computer. If that is the case email to photos to yourself and drag them into iPhoto (or where ever you synch photos from). The cause of error(-39) likely spawns from disconnecting your tethering cable during a photo import, thus trashing the photos database.

2 thoughts on “Cannot Sync iPhone unknown error (-39)

  1. Jamies-Mac:~ jamie$ macerror -39
    Mac OS error -39 (eofErr): End of file

    If you go through the console you may be able to figure out exactly which file it’s unhappy with. Since the Apple layer is returning -39 it probably isn’t a sqlite error, so you might be lucky and the DB is still good but a particular file copy is failing on a corrupt file.

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