Progressive Multimedia Downloads

So I’m switching careers… I’m not getting a new job. I’m just finally getting into Android development, or so I thought. There’s one catch. I have this media server I developed that’s occupying all of my free/professional/personal/sleep hours. It’s not the media server occupying my time. Actually it’s my thirst for knowledge/expertise in the multi-media field that has me tied up. You see, I found out that the iPhone does something different when you request multimedia with the web browser. Not so different but to me it’s different. In my career I have not yet had to deal with progressive downloads. Mobile Safari likes to request multimedia in chunks rather than in its entirety. That feature has driven me to the dark edges of the HTTP manuals and beyond. Tonight, I finally have a rough implementation of a progressive download multimedia server. Apache seems to support this out of the box. But since my media server is implemented as a servlet under Tomcat I had to implement this myself. I found details on this page.

There ya’ go. Don’t say I didn’t get you anything for Christmas. If you missed it, your gift is here. Check it out and learn something new for Christmas. If I wasn’t so busy these days I’d elaborate more. You know, be more verbose and ramble about how HTTP is so tricky and why we need more high level abstractions. Last week was rough so I’m just gonna sign off with a “Hit me up party people!”

3 thoughts on “Progressive Multimedia Downloads

  1. I am new to iphone just one month. i started Ui application of iphone. please tell some idea about custom date picker creation. how to start any tutorial /sample.

    i need second one date picker . how to implement ?

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