Chillin’ in Amsterdam

I ain’t never been out of the country before. You’d think a bro’ham from Burlington would know how to behave when traveling over seas. I’m now in Amsterdam and no, I gotta be me. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here to deliver my meds after you saw me dancing all dorky at the company party. I’m here to tell you that I don’t dance. That was an optical illusion… a pigment of your imagination! It was all smoke and mirrors I assure you!

It’s still week 2 with Skype and I’m having a blast. I met my director face to face for the first time. I laughed at some finnish humor. It’s something when you laugh at a joke you ain’t got no business laughing at b/c you don’t know the meaning or the origin of the joke but it’s told with such delivery that it still strikes you as hilarious. You ever hear someone make a funny that really wasn’t funny to you but due to the delivery and the other person’s passion about said humor it still strikes you as gut busting? I’m not talking about the, “ha ha that was funny” type humor. I’m talking about a REAL laugh at a joke you clearly didn’t understand. Imagine the ball going about 12ft over your skull while your stumpy arms with stubbly finger appendages attached grasp helplessly skyward. Now imagine you’re the only one on the opposing team and you’re celebrating as if dropping the ball caused you to win the world series. It’s one of those everyone wins scenarios you just have to live to understand.

Before all the unnecessary laughter there was a celebration. Skype is huge. He had a meeting where I learned just how huge we are. Skype expands well passed video phone calling into those hard to reach places that your dust bunny just can’t go. I knew about most offerings but never truly comprehended the business model. Now I’d never be able to discuss just how cool this company is due to NDA agreements and protecting the company’s interest. Just keep your eyes glued to us because we have some killer offerings and we’re going to doing some even more killerer stuff as soon as I get my IDEs configured. where was I?

Right! We celebrated. I met folks, folks met me. Music played. People danced. Eventually I found myself on the dance floor with moves I never bothered to practice. (It makes sense to practice at least one move… even if that move is the dougie… before venturing out into public!) Were it not for all of the congestion I would have no scapegoat to accuse for what was obviously a seizure. I caught about 1 or two other folks experiencing epilepsy on the same dancing surface so all was good. I’m sorry, but there just isn’t a drug powerful enough to make a person spasm the way I did only hours ago. I would point at the bartender but even he refused to serve me after witnessing what was obviously requires prompt medical attention. Oh yeah, AMsterdam lights up all pretty at night.

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