Travelling? Get a feel for your stay

So you’ve booked a place in the Caribbean’s. You’ve surfed the net until way past your bedtime. You think you’ve booked the best place for the money you bring home every other week when your employer decides to cut a check. You arrive at your Hotel-De-Casa and the TV is not the flat screen you saw on the web site. Instead its an old Tube and you have to hike several miles to the shore. Hi, I’m Cliff and you’re here because your beach love resort resembles a Caribbean nightmare. I’m here because I have a plausible answer for your future bookings. I just heard of a place called This is a site where they host actual photos of the place you’re about to book. So when you look on the Hotel website and see an empty beach or something that looks like a 48 foot pool go to
and get the reality check you deserve. That is all for now.

One thought on “Travelling? Get a feel for your stay

  1. Hi Clifton!
    Sorry to hear about your misfortunate hapenstance encountered when trying to find good accommodations away from home. Great tip concerning! As “they” (whoever “they” is) one gets what one pays for. In this day and age if you want quality and service you must pay for it. That is the bottom line. If you are unsure about the traveling arrangements that you have made check with an expert. Ask a travel agent about the place you are going to, they have a wealth of information to provide to the novice traveler. After all is it a vacation from stress not to stress. Call me the next time you decide to visit the exotic.
    Sharon McCray
    Travel Agent #383169

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