OCMock Woes

So I’m building and running tests and banging my head against oncoming traffic while trying to get the OCMock framework to do something… I dunno… mocky? I’m running Xcode 4.2 build (4D199) on Lion. Dragging and dropping the freshly downloaded “.framework” bundle doesn’t want to link. Hi, I’m Cliff and you’re here because you have linker errors in your XC4 project while trying to get objects to pretend to be other objects. I’m here to try to help you work through some of the issues.

So I try building the static lib and forcing it. The first roadblock I hit was with the ${BUILD_STYLE} environment no longer being set. ${BUILD_STYLE} is changed to ${CONFIGURATION} in Xcode 4. The second bump I hit was with categories not loading from the static lib I generated. Setting “-ObjC” under “Other Linker Flags” solved this. Next I get OCMock to load but auto complete doesn’t work with the category methods added to “id”. (Eg. stub, expect, verify, etc.) I accidentally set my “Header Search Path” incorrectly. You have to set it to point to the folder that contains the OCMock folder with the header files in it, then you can successfully import in your test cases. Finally auto-complete works and things load but setting simple expectations on a mocked string appears to be broken. I’m now wondering if I should download source from the git repo instead of building the source included in the dmg. It’s late and I’m incredibly frustrated with not being able to write a single test all day…

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