Fix Outlook 2011 on OS X Lion

Just a quick note. If you might find yourself hitting an error in Entourage or Outlook on Snow Leopard or Lion. The specific error message you may be seeing is, “You don’t have sufficient permissions to view contents of this folder.” You’ll probably run across the lone thread on the inter-worlds that doesn’t quite scratch your itch. The problem is likely due to some corrupt user data as I’ve learned from another slightly related thread and the solution is to delete all of your user preferences then restart. Here’s what I did to fix my problem. Create a temporary holding folder for the data incase you wish to revert to what you had. Go under ~/Library/Preferences and move every file that starts with “” into the temporary folder. Move the ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft folder into the temp folder too. This will reset all of your office preferences. In my case I launched and still had the error so I went into ~/Documents and move my “Microsoft User Data” into the temp folder as well. The last step resolved my issue but its likely you’ll need to move one or more of the other files/folders.

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