Cross Platform Mobile Development

Just when I thought I reached my peak for number of programming languages I could fit in my skull I get bitten by the Lua bug! Not exactly sure what to make of it at first, I rolled up my sleeves and dug deep to see what the big deal was. Why Lua? Was it yet another language, or could there be something I was missing. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you thought Lua was one of those ornaments you hang on your neck when going on vacation. I’m here for quite the same reason, only I figured out something more.

I found a product called, Gideros Studio, which is based on Lua technology. It facilitates powerful cross platform mobile development for iOS and Android, allowing you to prototype apps in a mobile agnostic emulator while offering instant deployment to device. Development with Gideros is fast! Apps are pushed to device and launched instantly, much quicker than Xcode, IntelliJ, or Eclipse. What’s more, apps are pushed without wires! So now that I found something extremely useful that could be done with the new programming language I am psyched to push the limits. I’ve been mostly quiet on my blog but more active these days on Stackoverflow with questions and answers as I explore.

Side note
If you are getting an error “attempt to call method ‘getContentWidth'” while trying to follow one of the various tutorials or examples out there note that version 2012 of the studio has recently been released and you should upgrade. Some of the examples were built against a beta of the newer SDK and you will no doubt hit the issue unless you’ve upgraded within the last couple of weeks. Also note that you should rebuild and redeploy the player on your device using the newer SDK to avoid the error.

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