Drinking the Kool-Aid

Let’s say you were to take a new job on the other side of the country, specifically to work on some cool iPhone/iPad products under a great brand name. Say you’ve also fell in love with everything and anything metallic brushed looking with light up fruit inscribed on the cover. Now let’s say your employer get’s purchased by the one company who’s technology/products you’ve avoided for half of your career. Hi, I’m Cliff! You’re here because you have a thirst for water with red powered flavoring and pure granulated sugar applied. I’m here because I recently discovered a similar urge and have begun quenching myself with the proverbial powdered water delivered by the happy smiling pitcher that crashes through brick walls but never spills a single drop. (You’d think by the second or third wall he would have at least formed a crack or sprung a leak!)

I was just inspired by another Apple Fan swallowing grape flavored drink in a blog post where he describes many of the unknown miracles you get with software from Redmond these days. I have to admit I am intrigued as I was unaware of what’s been cooking in Microsoft until most recently. I’ve switched one of my iPads to Bing a couple of months ago because I really wanted to give it a chance but I never really do much searching on the iPad so it was a really poor way of experimenting. This time around I plan to do something bigger, much like my original jump from Windows XP to Linux trial-by-fire. I plan to force a new Microsoft product on myself and write a short blog post about my experience. I’d like to do this on a weekly basis but since my plate is already so full I don’t know if I can keep up that pace. Today I’m starting with Bing everywhere. The above blog post has me excited enough about the bing app on iPhone so I’ll start there while also switching my defaults in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. I will live the Bing lifestyle and report back here next week.
Appropriate imagery connecting my early childhood gaming habits with the urge I feel now...

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