I fired up InetlliJ in my first serious full time effort to develop Java code in several years. I now have a warm, familiar homecoming feeling. You know that feeling you get when returning to your parents house after graduating college or serving time in the military. Things are familiar but foreign. Your room has been converted into a guest room, toys are missing or misplaced, and things that used to seem so big and threatening (your mother for instance) no longer look like such a big deal. You have an overall idea how to get what you want, like dinner, but are intimidated or too ashamed/polite to go for it because it no longer feels like your home. You ask permission for silly things, like lemonade where you used to just barge in the house and yolk the refrigerator door practically off the hinges claw past the milk, grab the juice and guzzle directly from the container after a game of basketball. You ask because the rules may have changed or maybe the lemonade goes with a new medication that your parents are taking or whatever. Everything is off by one, the coffee table never used to sit against the wall that way. The loose door knob that used to jiggle when you turned it is now replaced with a fancy handle opener. The mess behind the shed has been cleaned up. That feeling. Now what happened to “AngryFruitSalad” color scheme?

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