OpenFrameworks – Where are the XCode projects???

I’ve been toying with Kinect hacks lately which led to my exploring OpenFrameworks. I had a copy on my hard drive from last year when I initially started toying, so today I thought I’d try to pull the latest from git and tinker a bit. I was surprised to learn that there where no Xcode projects for any of the example apps. After stumbling around a bit I found a post in the forum that reveals how you have to build and run the _DeployExamples located at: apps/devApps/_DeployExamples/deployExamples.xcodeproj. If you’re as surprised as I was then hopefully this will clear things for you. Also, note that the default scheme in the Xcode projects happens to be the library. This means that simply pressing the run button won’t do much aside from building the library. You have to manually select the “.app” scheme from the scheme selection drop down if you want any of the projects to do anything. My first attempt at running the “_DeployExamples” app left me puzzled for this very reason. After selecting the application scheme from the scheme selector THEN pressing the run button, I was able to see the app running.

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