Nexus 7 stuck in Reboot mode

You left your Nexus 7 on all day and, unbeknownst to you, there isn’t enough power left in the device to draw the letter “A” much less boot the device. You plug it in and while noticing the familiar black screen, instinctively hold the lock screen button in an attempt to power it on. The Google logo followed multi-colored “X” which is eventually followed the home screen whets your appetite for some advanced Droid play only to hear an unexpected chime followed a power down notice followed by  by static. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you’re locked out of your Nexus 7 and all of its robotic goodness. I’m here to comfort you, reassuring that everything is ok, there is always a way back in. Read below and you’ll be shaking hands with R2-D2 in no time.

I found the key to Nexus lockout on another forum and it totally restored my ability to power up in peace:

– Assuming your unit can boot long enough to do this, press and hold all the buttons (that is the lock button and both volume buttons) to give the device a hard reset.
– Keep holding the buttons till it reboots to the bootloader.
– Using the volume buttons, cycle through the menu selections and choose to power off the device. (The power off option will point to the lock button which you click to power it off)
– Unplug then re-plug the charger.
– You should now see the battery-charging icon. It shouldn’t boot up on its own anymore. Just let it sit and charge to full capacity.

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