When refactoring goes horribly wrong

You’ve been down this road before. You’ve added a parameter to a constructor and now you have 2 parameters with similar names. You merely want to distinguish between them both. A quick lookup to see how the original parameter is used reveals that it is not an “id” rather it is a shortcut. After refactor/rename action in your IDE  you wait for satisfaction which should only take seconds. Several minutes tick away while a progress bar fills, refills and is eventually joined by several other progress bars each taking their time to fill to completion. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you’ve been staring at your screen patiently waiting for several progress bars to bring you refactoring pleasure. I’m here for much of the same reason.

Every so often I hit an area in my code that doesn’t refactor exactly as I had anticipated. It happens much less frequently since I’ve moved back into Java development and can use the world’s best refactoring IDE. Still it does happen from time to time. This morning I was bit when I attempted to rename a class member named “id”. Apparently the my IDE is having trouble tracking down all 5 usages in the current file as it scans my entire project for these 2 very common characters. I’m not sure why it’s happening (it’s still running as I type) but I am guessing it is because I inadvertently left the “scan all non-code usages” option checked. I’ve had much worse war stories of refactoring under XCode which I will save for the future but I felt compelled to share today’s horror story since it is so rare that I have such headaches these days.  Refactoring is actually my favorite part of development as I incrementally massage horrific code into easily managble bite-sized chunks but every so often it pays to watch which options you leave checked in the refactor dialog.

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