Build a better mousetrap (Chat apps)

I’ve been quietly working on a chat app. I built one a long time ago which has been sitting on Github forever without any updates, but I’ve also recently pushed my Android “how to” to Github, you can find it here. I love working in both the Android and iOS space as I get a unique insight that I try to share with others. I also like to compare both the development process and tooling across both platforms. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you want to build a better chat app. I’m here for much the same reason. With apps like Skype, Line, whatsapp, and others crowding the space you might wonder “what’s the point?” I’m embarking on this experience partly to familiarize myself with what’s changed in iOS 7 but mainly just because. Maybe it will turn into something or maybe it won’t.

I’m my latest effort I’ve actually tried updating Jinx to support iOS7. My first stage has begun with introducing Storyboards and playing with Autolayout. I will later ARC-ify it and rip out the dumb artificial intelligence in favor of what I have in the Android example. Finally I want to incorporate P2P networking, voice recognition and TTS in both apps but that will have to wait until I hit the lottery and can afford to quit my job. (I’m just brimming with ideas!) If you have ideas or insights, feel free to jump in!

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