Pi in the Sky

It’s that moment you waited several months for, when you finally get your hands on a new piece of tech that you’d been eyeballing all along. You’re all worked up, the thing that use to adorn the shelves in the store is finally in your grubby little home, resting in the palm of your dirty little hands… ready to do whatever your little heat desires! Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you just acquired a Raspberry Pi and you’re lost in the excitement. I’m here wondering why I used the word “little” so many times just now. Whatever the case, we’re here together and I’ve also recently acquired a Pi along with the bundle of excitement. For those of you that don’t spend days and nights deciphering logic, let me explain what this thing is. A Raspberry Pi is a tiny little palm-sized computer that can be used to make Robotics-like stuff. Coupled with the Arduinos I’ve already acquired it can be programmed and wired up to make a physical virtual assistant, a bow tie fastener, an automatic salt shaker that monitors your sodium intake, and eye glasses adjuster, or any crazy invention you can think of. For me it represents the bridge between the logical emulated software world I live in with the physical.

I don’t yet know what I plan to do with it but the sky is the limit. I’ll probably connect it to the turn signal switch in my car so I can finally negotiate lane changes without checking my blind spots. I’ll finally have an excuse for the very next car accident I get into. “Officer the other driver had ample time to avoid me as my blinker was definitely on well in advance of my lane change because I’ve automated the process…”

My next adventures will be back in the land of Linux as I explore how to boot this thing. Finding a bistro is always lots of fun! (Do they have a Pi dedicated section on DistroWatch these days?) Oh no! I just remembered my Mac has a problem mounting disks these days so I don’t even know how I’ll load the dang thing! Have you or anyone you’re related to faced the “I can’t mount any DMG” bug that seems to be spreading with the latest OS X? Leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Pi in the Sky

  1. For me the excitement peaked when I connected the AV-cables and got the Nintendo style PI screen up on my TV. It was somehow mind-boggling cool to code on my TV for a few hours instead of on my computer monitor. Why, I have no idea. Logic need not apply!

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