Hello World Part C

It’s my 10 year blog-o-versary and I’m fashionably late with an update. Here go my first post way back in 2006 before I knew what I was doing. Not much has changed since 2006. Hi, I’m still Cliff. I’m still the lucky husband of one spectacular woman, though if I told you m story you probably wouldn’t believe me. My site still only consists of 2 regular visitors. Over the last 10 years I’ve consistently posted articles that chronicle my discoveries and experience with various tech. My jokes have slightly improved from corny to I can just skip passed the stoopid parts. I’ve worked at some fascinating companies on some high profile projects over the years, mostly mobile. and peanut butter has been a regular part of my daily balanced meals. I always thought I would be blog famous by now… someone like Joel Spolsky. I’m not mad though… I got John Blazed articles and all… most people just don’t understand. Still I’m cool with being humble. I don’t need too many people reading through my typos, grammatical errors, and terribly embarrassing attempts to be funny. You know how when you write a joke that you think is so funny but then come back and read it years later and feel like, “why did I think that was my Kevin Hart moment?” There’s a few posts here that read like that. You may have read one or two. If so, don’t clown… just keep it moving. I ain’t trying to change the embarrassing stuff I posted way back. It’s been here far too long and is now part of my makeup. (It’s not like I actually wear makeup, it’s just that the dumb stuff… along with the somewhat presentable stuff is sort of what makes me up. If you were gonna tease me about wearing makeup then you’re part of what’s wrong with society because I should feel free to wear makeup if I please.. not that I want to… but if I did… where was I??? Oh, yeah, outside the parenthesis…)

So over the years I’ve talked about how to suck at programming, Linux hacks, Siri, J2ME & Blackberry, video games, and of course unit testing. By far one of my most favorite gems is the TDD example I wrote which counts how many emcees must get dissed. I had a bit of fun with that post though I think it has errors that I should probably correct. There were a few other classics as well like the post where I learned how to REALLY use SSH or the one where I figured out how to use ALSA on Linux to play pleasant cues/blips from Apple encoded files pulled of of my Macbook. I’ve also posted some low level discussion on how NSViews work on OS X even though I never wrote an OS X app at all in my entire life. I get a thrill out of posting random things I’ve learned/discovered over the years.

In all I have to say I’m both surprised and thrilled with how long I’ve kept this blog up. There have been some dry spells over the years but I eventually find time to post stuff as I learn it. Here’s celebrating my 10 years of foolish but technical gibberish!

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