Hello World The Unit Test Strikes Back

I was looking for something unique to post for my 11 year blog anniversary when it hit me. I’ve already missed the date! I started blogging way back on May 17th 2006 and every year since then I’ve wanted to post something special on the +1 year marker to celebrate. Every year I’ve forgotten or straight up missed the date. Last year would have been 10 years and I was so determined that I posted on August 9th so this year I’m following suit and pretending that August 9th is the actual date. Don’t say nothing, just nod your head and play along.

So what has 11 years of posting software development related articles and topics lead to? I’ve shared tips on how to be terrible in this field. I’ve demonstrated how to test sockets based apps on an Android emulator. There was a tutorial on how to code TDD style. I’ve also shared some of my many failures as a parent.

It’s still fun to play with stuff like networking and streaming audio and I want to do more posts on debugging tips that don’t suck. I honestly believe that being successful at software engineering is not just about the code you write, but about the code you wade through when resolving a problem. Since it is likely that you spend most of your time reading and modifying existing code and much less of your time cranking out new code you may want to brush up on pointers for clawing your way out of a rat hole.

I appreciate you checking out my site and if you have suggestions on what you want to learn more about drop a line in the comment section. I look forward to many more years of posting foolishness and discovering new ideas and programming patterns.

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