Happy Friday!

Another week down and I’m trying to motivate myself for some weekend developer activity. I’ve been out of it lately and taking a hiatus on #SaturdayCoding but this has to stop. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re probably here because you write code. (It’s either that or you know me from high school or seen me at church. If you’re part of the church crowd don’t run off! You might pick up something useful!) On the drive home I was seriously thinking of picking back up on Android development. Then when I hit the front door I began considering my unfinished robotics projects. It’s so easy to get distracted, however I feel like I should re-acclimate with Android Studio as it’s been so long!

The last serious bit of Android code I wrote was close to a year ago when I was helping to build out an SDK. I’m not even sure what an Android app would look like these days! So much has changed. Should I continue to use Java? Should I tackle my next project in Kotlin? How about writing a game in Lua?? I do have some overdue work on another hybrid app I started a while ago. That means more Javascript/HTML which has all of a sudden become the only tech I use these days. (I never thought I’d be so heavily into browser tech but here I am!) The project also involves a nodeJS backend which I might try to tackle with Ruby/Rails instead… just for practice. All these languages feel so long in the tooth. I desperately need a change. I am so itching to do something with Lua embedded in a C++ thing with some OpenGL touches for good measure.

I know! Maybe I could dive into the Android NDK and stretch my C++/Lua wings there! Or maybe not… This hybrid project is calling me. It’s a promise I made to a friend that I shouldn’t let sit too much longer. Enough rambling for now. I really should to fire up one of my IDEs. Which one do I choose???

[ ] IntelliJ
[ ] Android Studio
[ ] Xcode
[ ] VSCode

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