Voice to text to alternate text to voice

I’m playing with old-school tech… the kind that got me so heavily entrenched in my career originally. I call it old school because it’s been around for ages now but it’s still new to me. Every time I use it I get a twinge of excitement. Anyone who knows me knows the thing I’m talking about… It’s voice technology. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here because you’re probably just as excited as I am over voice tech.

Today I hit a milestone in this hack-a-thon project I’m collaborating on. The milestone is reminding me:

  • I’m old.
  • I still got it!
  • I’m old!

It’s such a simple and easily achievable milestone but it’s taken me 2-3 days to get here. (To be fair, I’d been working after hours just before bedtime devoting about 1 hr/day.) Still I’m starting to feel that rush I felt way back when I had my 1st iPhone talking/listening to me. Back in the day I was known for throwing a solution together in 2hrs, full stack including client and server. Today I’m head over heels just to have a “Hello my translated world” page working! This is indeed my passion project!

Over the years I’ve tinkered here and there with voice to text, text to voice, text to text, and voice to voice implementations. It’s pretty cool what you can do when you sink enough effort into the stuff. For eg. my first working solution involving a conversational app on iOS had me learning about eBNF syntax (which is sort of compiler tech). My other tinkering involved everything from telling my “homies” in Stockholm “What’s happening!” in an EN -> SV demo for BDD development, to giving my Cozmo bot some ears and a personality.

Today, I managed to drill in to Azure cognitive services and do a rough English to Korean translation in a nodeJS app. Tomorrow I plan on integrating this into Bixby for this Hackathon thing that I’ll probably lose. I’m not so interested in winning the hackathon as I am in using and sharing the technology. I’m going to try to work with the Samsung dev relations team to get a working example posted online for all of you to see. For now, keep your radio… err.. station… umm… browser??? Yeah, keep your browser locked to this umm… station/channel/address/whatever! I’ll be back with more updates!

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