Install software to make software that makes software

I’m watching my terminal as Homebrew installs during my latest episode of yak-shaving. I feel a strange urge to explore the Homebrew site, a step that has nothing to do with the reason why I’m here. Hi, I’m Cliff. You’re here as the result of an unfortunate chain of events. You probably started to wash laundry when you realized you were out of detergent. On your way out the door to get detergent you noticed the handle was slightly loose and decided it needed to be tightened. Somewhere between looking for the screwdriver to fix the door something prompted you to check your email, before long you found yourself on Facebook where my post caught your eye. That’s one possible reason why you’re here. I’m here because some four footed hoofed creature with too much hair demanded my attention.

Hairy four legged beast demanding attention
Hairy four legged beast demanding attention

Extreme Yak Shaving
Have you ever found yourself downloading an OpenGL & SDL framework while watching a tutorial when what you really needed to do was install a missing JDBC driver? Today I found myself in a similar situation where I merely wanted to change a dependency in my Android project. That got me thinking about dependency management on iOS, and hey I just learned about this cool project called CocoaPods. To install Cocoa Pods I need Ruby. I can’t install Ruby the old school way, I’m downloading RVM! RVM’s install directions use the gpg command which isn’t available on Mac OS X. I need Mac Ports or Homebrew to install the Linux package. NO!!! I refuse to get side tracked with Homebrew! I’ll skip the gpg step and just use the curl command to direct install without checking security signatures!! The RVM install completes and while I install Ruby I notice the shell is going out to Homebrew land to automate the install. Gosh, I haven’t looked into Homebrew in over a year… I should check out their webpage to see what’s new. It’s always good to get the latest scoop on long living tech like Homebrew. Yak shaving is the work of doing meta work in order to do actual work. Extreme yak shaving is the distraction that results from work of doing the meta work.

I am installing software (Homebrew) to install software (ruby) to install software (Cocoa Pods) which I’ll use to install my iOS software dependencies. I’m not even getting into the learning curve associated with this major distraction. Am I losing it? (Don’t act like it’s just me! Some of you are waiting on a Unity or gaming engine download right now because you ran out of toilet paper!) How do we get some many layers of abstraction between us and the work we actually intend to do? I’m thinking eventually things will swing in the other direction as they always do. Instead of using systems to manage the install of managers that install frameworks we use to build systems (which ultimately manage the install of managers that install…) we will obsess over slim code and vanilla iOS/Java. Languages like Go are already becoming mainstream I’m waiting for the idea to spill into mobile which has currently gone the way of EJB. Until then I’ll keep watching my progress bar fill while the next software installing software installs.

Synergy doesn’t forget

I was playing with Synergy the other day. As a matter of fact I dunno if the post ever made it to my front page. Let me go release it… there! It’ll show right under this one. At any rate, I’ve been using Synergy for the past couple of days and I gotta say it’s nice! I love being able to drag my mouse across three screens as if they were one big display. I’m a little disappointed that I can’t drag windows off my Mac onto my Dell but that’s cool. Today I found something slick with Synergy. See, I’m accustom to trying to prevent computer problems by properly closing certain programs and logging off of remote servers at the end of the day. I know all too well how dumb a piece of software gets when you sever a network connection that it’s expecting to be persistent. The guys (and gals? were their any gals?) that created Synergy must have thought about this. I say that because I forgot to kill my Synergy client running on my Mac yesterday. I forgot to kill the server running on my Dell. I ran out in a hurry to try to find the right lever to pull in the Democratic primaries without even considering what potential drama would await me the following day. Completely ignorant of my prior ignorance, I connected my Mac to the office intranet and went on about my business. I thought, “in a few minutes I’ll restart Synergy on my machines but I gotta finish some other stuff first.” Without even realizing it I had dragged my mouse pointer onto my Mac revealing both my forgetfullness from the other day and a pleasant surprise from a development team who never bragged about such a killer feature. There is something to be said about software that just works the way you’d expect without constant tweaking and intervention.

Blackberry white screen of death

If you own a Blackberry device and you like to play with things, like ringtones or wallpapers, or games, or if you develop software for Blackberry devices like I do then listen up! That’s right, put your ear next to your web browser and listen! There’s a new threat for computer hardware and it effects you Blackberry users. It’s the white screen of death and it manifests as an infinite rebooting sequence. It’s scary as all heck, especially if you’re about to release Beta and have 160 manhours of testing to complete in the next day and a half and a strict policy on company issued Blackberrys that mandate you are not allowed to crack open the casing and tickle the electrons on the circuit board. (I know, what a dumb policy, right?) Here’s the solution I found while frantically scouring the web. The short answer is to use the application loader to perform a device wipe. You have to connect while the thing is on the white screen I think. However I kinda don’t think it matters because my (BB) screen went dark right after I entered my password, leaving me wondering what in the world the application loader was actually connected to since the phone was obviously dead. I would never have figured this out in a million years. I was going about it all wrong. In my dumb brain I thought, “Why not hook up to the backup and restore console in the Desktop manager? Because I wanna restore my Blackberry, right? I’m not trying to load applications, I wanna remove everything and start from scratch!” Well for what it’s worth hook up to the Desktop Manager application loader to fix a constantly rebooting Blackberry.

(Oh and here’s the best part! Right after I finally got it to start the wipe sequence a coworker asked me a question causing me to rotate my chair clockwise while the USB cord was threaded through the armrest resulting in a catastrophy that ended with the yoinking of my device from the desktop hitting the floor, and disconnecting the cable. I’m not sure what this is going to do to the restore because it’s still restoring as I update this post but I’m sure its not a good thing to disconnect the USB cord on an OS restore to an already malfunctioning device. It can’t be much better to rebound said device off of the floor.)

Video Of Me?

So I get a reply from Astrid today and she’s all like, “get cracking on that video you slacker!”, when I realize it’s been like a month since I did my botched demo at mapquest and promised a followup screencast. So now I’m checking out Rory’s site looking for those comments he made not too long ago about video editing software for the Mac. Then I realize he’s actually promoting Adobe products in the post and making a humble reccommendation for Final Cut Express. I’d love to go there but since I’m not as rich as he is I can’t pull out a single bill that says $200 and make the pruchase. (Do they even make money in 200 denomination anymore? Didn’t that go out with Converse and Cross Color jeans? And further more who pays for software with a greenback anymore? Isn’t everything plastic oriented? How the hell did he send the bill over the internet? Does his mac have a bill feeder? Mine doesn’t! I want a Mac with a bill feeder so I can be all like, “My Mac has a bill feeder and yours doesn’t!” Where does the bil go after it’s fed into the Mac bill feeder?) As a result I’m sleuthing the web, like I always do for open source and free alternatives. I find this tool called JahShaka that’s open sourced and multi-platform. I’m thinking, “that’s kinda’ John Blaze because I never know which OS I’ll be working on next and nothing peeves me more than software I have to find replacements for.” (I had a hard time finding replacements for the Linux replacements I found for Windows tools like cmd here, WinAmp/Amarok, Launchy/Katapult, etc. I still can’t find a solution for walking into zip/jar files!) So with open source and multi-platform on the ticket I’m quick to download. Because on Windows I used Nero which was pretty slick for my basic needs.

I’m babbling and I’m probably showing what a video-editing novice I am. I mean what pro looks for an open source product to backbone their multl-$million career? No, I know nothing about video software but I’m gonna learn cause it sounds real cool. So half way through the multi-megabyte download (running at about 46-65K) I remember that I have something movie related installed from that Mac disk that came in the box with my Macbook pro. It’s called iMovie. I pull it up and I’m instantly overwhelmed. A couple of minutes weeding through the help manual and I kinda find my way. I already have a crappy video screencast I wanna spruce up. I got big ideas like putting my big face in a caption and having in zoom in and out as I move from discussion to demo. I also have to redo the audio because I did the screen cast in a rush in the office while trying to make the deadline for our sprint. (In egg-head developer terms a sprint is a 2-3 week interval of work where you’re supposed to have something finalized at the end but nobody on our team seems to understand how important it is to stay focused on one thing until recently when our product guy told us we all have to eat a “shit sandwhich” and the product guy is actually pretty cool in my book but we’re all under pressure to get this thing released so biting into feces has now become part of the job description.) I start playing with iMovie and learning it. THen I’m all like, “it’s not video editing I need right now it’s audio editing! Now Audacity is an app we can all learn from. %100 java and gets things done simply. It’s easy to learn and I was able to immediately start re-recording the audio from the screen cast using the same crappy bluetooth headset I used in the office. Only difference is this time I have tools to enhance it.

This is where it got really off the chains, right? With Audacity I had the audacity to up the volume with live effect. I recorded a retake of my speaking, then Cmd+A to select all the audio, and clicked the amplify option under the effects menu. Instant volume uppage! (Spell checker is complaining about “uppage”. Could somebody here at WordPress please add uppage to the spell checker dictionary?) Next thing is noise reduction. If I had one of those Rory $200 bills just lying around I wouldn’t need this feature because it would be soldered into my bluetooth thingy, but since I’m not Rory (only slightly better looking when the head is held at 15 degrees offset from perpendicular and the left eye is slightly squinted) I gotta lean on software ‘yknowwhatumsayin’? Noise reduction blew the spot by taking out %100 of the background hiss leaving the stream with just my dumb voice. So I got a basic audio re-record inlined with my original crappy screencast and it’s all good…

Good ol’ days

Remember the good ol’ days of 8.3 file name formats? Remember when you had to use your fingers to count characters in a variable name? Remember when the PATH environment variable was limited to 255 characters? Remember how much fun we used to have back then? VB4 anyone? Why am I bringing this up? Well I use a state of the art Apple MacBook pro with an Intel Core 2 duo processor (that means I have, like, two computers hog-tied together in the flashy silver casing that presents the “q-w-e-r-t-y keys to my fat fingers”) on which I run both OS X and Windows XP. OS X is an operating system just like Windows XP. An operating system is one of those program thingies that turn on when you hit the big button on the front of your computer. Yeah, state of the art stuff, right? My Macbook is so John Blaze that it can hold a conversation with you. Really! The thing talks and listens. It speaks and understands English! You can say things like “Vicki, What time is it?” and it talks back with, “it’s 10:45pm, way past your bed-time fool!”. (I named my Mac Vicki… don’t ask why just keep visiting my dumb site!) My Macbook is sooo off duh hook I can write programs for 14 different platforms all while checking out Rory, downloading the latest version of Linux, and burning a DVD. I have Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, and Visual Studio all installed and the thing doesn’t even hiccup! Well, it does hiccup if you open a command line prompt and type the text “say hiccup” and then press enter but that’s just how doggone cool this thing is! You can teach it how to hiccup. You can make it sing too.

Well, this state of the art piece of equipment came with an install of Word for OS X. Yes Word… y’know that Microsoft product that lets you type dear diary, create faxes and cuss your girlfriend out because she spent the beer money on a new pair of shoes at Nine West? Yeah, that Word, not the word that the brutha’s be saying on the street. That’s the interesting part. It came preinstalled with Word. I think this is like Mac’s equivalent of Word XP or something but I’m telling you, it’s state of the art stuff. Yes, Word is the topic for today. I’m running Word for a minute (in slang terms when a brotha says a minute he really means a really really long time… it’s like sarcasm or something but you have to hang around the streets long enough for the idea to bleed in.) and I get to the point where I actually want to start saving some of the documents I work on right? I want to save them and intuitively I want to use a really long descriptive name so that when I use QuickSilver (QuickSilver is this program thing that… nevermind… I can’t go on explaining everything in parenthesis it takes away from the story) I can search on any term that reminds me of the task I was working on. So I choose a name like “MapQuest tile logging and authentication proposal document” because that kinda paints a picture of what’s going on in my mind as I type into the Word document. I hit the save button and what do I see? Go ahead and guess. Use the introduction as your guide to the answer.

“Cannot save, Filename exceed 31 characters”

Those weren’t the words exactly but it was something like that. Cutting edge stuff man.

Mighty Macbooks and Intel Chips, Batman!

I’m still new to the blog thing. Every so often I get caught off guard. For eg., I posted an article to Digg and got close to 1000 hits. Today I babbled something about OS X on a site that nobody ever visits (this one) and got another surge. Could somebody tell me where to find the valve for the rushing page hits? I twisted and turned that little knobby thing under my toilet and only got a wet ceiling as a result. I received 100 hits from and went to check the site. When I viewed source my site was nowhere in the HTML markup. Is there and invisible gnome that trolls the web leaving sporadic links to unbeknown blog-owners dumb writings? Can I invite him over when I really do have something important to say?

What I mean is I got caught off guard. You know that feeling you get when you answer the front door all groggy at 6:30 in the morning where one slipper and a barb-wire fence for a hairstyle a tattered robe and your Snoopy boxers only to be surprised by half the neighborhood crowded on your front lawn to ask about the drunken comment you made randomly at last night’s block party which started a chain reaction of controversy? That’s sorta what I feel like. I wasn’t trying to slam Mac in general but I also wasn’t highlighting any of it’s super cool features like I typically do.

Listen up y’all… (If the crowd is still sitting in my front door after I’ve changed my robe and returned properly clad with a combed wig) I love Mac (in general) and use my Mac (for almost everything) and wish most of you were here when I first got my Mac pro. More important I hope you stick around because I have tons of questions about Macbooks, OS X’s, and Java related stuff that maybe some of you zealots can help me through. Don’t just show up in the morning and walk away. Drop a line (like a few of you did) and lets rap for a minute.

Everything but the kitchen synch!

I got this cool MacBook that I’ve been yapping about and I’m getting hooked. It started when I had my first conversation with it. I’ve never met a PC (or computer of any type) that I could talk to. So then I started doing development on it. It’s got a native bash shell, none of that Cygwin stuff, it’s got an easy to use interface, and everything just works the way you would naturally expect it to. As a testiment to that fact let me explain what happened the first time I did a power-point presentation with it. I setup in our conference room and plugged the projector into the DVI (using the supplied VGA to DVI adapter) and the thing knew what I wanted to do. It figured out that there was an extra screen attached and split its display accordingly. I merely had to drag my power point window off of the Mac display onto the projected screen. I could review my notes on the Mac display while I gave my presentation! How slick is that? We recently I’ve been doing a lot of Windows development and I got this new flat screen ViewSonic which makes things pretty. So now I connect the new monitor to the MacBook and run Parallels on the Mac display with OS X showing on the flatscreen. It’s like two computers side by side without the hassle of an extra keyboard and mouse. Whenever I want to do something in Windows I just pull my mouse over to my Mac display on the right and click a Window to start working. Whenever I want to do something on OS X (check email, code in Idea, run a shelll script, etc.) I drag my mouse back over to the left flatscreen display and go to town. Then I have my Core Duo Wintel Dell that I use. It has it’s own flatscreen connected but I’m finding less use for that screen (along with the attached mouse and keyboard) because I can just remote desktop in from my Mac and bring that up on the windows display and use it just as easily.

So what’s wrong?
As cool as I think my setup is there’s always something that annoys me. First off, I have a lot of redundancy. Thunderbird runs on all three machines (My Dell, My Mac, and the VM on my Mac) but it’s not too painfull since I use IMAP accounts keeping most of my mail on the server and filtered into folders. But there’s the calendar problem. I got used to Lightning with T-Bird on Windows but that doesn’t work on the Mac, so all of my calendar entries have to be re-entered in my Mac iCal. I have Entourage but I don’t use that because I like TBird better. Maybe I should just buckle and use Outlook/Entourage and things would be more simple. I was hoping, however, that there was some sort of slick way to auto synch iCal with my Lightning calendar on my Windows box and also over the VM but I haven’t discovered it yet. Also I got this blackberry that I want to keep up to date with the contacts from my Mac. I find myself frequently adding entries in both address books with no clever way to synch things up. I guess Entourage may be my best bet for this as well. I’d just rather use the Mac’s native software for PIM (that’s geek talk for email, calendar, contacts, etc.) If there are any Mac gurus that occasionally take pity on me speak up. What’s the best way to synchronize PIM data between a Mac, a blackberry, and two Windows instances?

My Mic Sounds Nice…

Check one!

MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro
So I got this MacBook Pro thingy, right? And I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now, right? And there’s a bunch of other new hires that all started around the same time I did right? But you see they didn’t get their MacBooks issued until just yesterday. (Are you following me or just nodding your head while you read?) Anywayz, the one (new hire) guy asks this girl (who started two weeks before I did but just got her Mac yesterday too) how to work the thing. Now the girl is all like, “you should see how Cliff got his Mac to talk. It tells the day, opens programs when you speak, tells jokes and all.” So she starts to help the guy get his set up while also working on hers. They fumble around and get to the speech commands setup screen and get sorta lost. So then I stop over to help. For some reason her Mac only wanted to respond to my voice, well at least initially. So then I’m feelin’ like I got that magic touch when I sit down and my Mac stops responding to my voice. Anyhow, long pointless story shortened, I named my Mac “Vicki”, set her voice to a Vicki sounding voice, and left her mic opened always. Now whenever I want something to happen on my Mac I ask Vicki. I say stuff like, “Vicki, open my browser.” (The comma is important because you have to give a slight pause before a command after calling her name.) Then Vicki responds with, “Opening Safari…” and the Safari Web browser opens up. There’s a whole heck of a lot more stuff Vicki can do that I haven’t figured out yet.

Yeah, I know. You’re thinking, “Cliff that story was whack, pointless and we all collectively feel dumber for having sat through it!” Look, I didn’t force you to visit my page. You could have easily navigated away many sentences ago. The only reason your still reading now is so that you can find your way to my comment section and leave a smart remark. This is my site, my life, and my Mac experiences. If you don’t like it you can hyperlink off! (Take the hyperlink to the Apple website and purchase one of those MacBooks. You’ll be glad I sent ya’ and you may end up writing a similar story on your site.)

I don’t really have much more to say other than every bubble blowing double baby or able bodied American should own at least one Mac at least at one time in his/her life. I wanna get back to filling this site with meaningful content like BDD with Java/JUnit and TrAX pipelining, and Liferay portlet development with Maven2 but the schedule is so tight. It’s so tight I was literally working between two computers yesterday trying to keep up. (I have a third computer but I’m not happy with the OS.) If you’ve ever walked into a busy newspaper office (like the Daily Bugle) with clerks scrambling shuffling papers while holding telephones to both ears then you would’ve walked into what my life has been like recently. Thunderbird Calendars, e-ail reminders, meetings on top of meetings, files, folders, appointments to see this one, get that thing fixed, pick up a new basketball for my daughter’s basketball camp, prepare for travel, pay this speeding ticket… too much!

iCal believe it!

So I finally got Thunderbird working at my new job, right? Then I installed the Lightning plugin for Thunderbird. And now we got this new corporate Outlook Exchange system where everyone schedules meetings though Outlook. (Are you following?) So now I’m the odd man out again. So then I start seeing these weird emails with icons in them that look like calculators. I start clicking the attachments to find out why my coworkers want me to add things up when I realize that these are iCal files. So then I’m like, “Hey I heard the Mozilla calendar supports iCal! Let me try that instead.” Off I go to Google for and download Mozilla Sunbird. Then I’m all set up with calendars in Sunbird and I figure out how to download the iCal attachments from the emails to my desktop and import them into Sunbird. (Stop giggling in the front row! You’re going to ruin the story for all the others who, like me, are new to Mozilla Calendar!!!) After a couple of days I master my download to desktop -> suck into Sunbird technique when I realize how silly I am! There should be a way to create a filter that automatically runs a script of some type that can automate the Sunbird import. (Can you tell how I miss Linux/KDE/Kontact?) Also I’m soo stoopid because I didn’t uninstall lightning leaving me with two calendar like programs. Let’s see now, I’m on windows so I should be using DDE instead of DCOP to send the program message. Does Sunbird support DDE? Does DDE have enough features for automation? Midway through my tinkering it finally dawns on me!
T-Bird Screenshot

Mac Daddy!

Ok, let me first apologize for the extended moment of silence. Ironically my last post was titled “Blostipation” and that’s exactly what’s been going on. I’ve had lots of things to write about and little time to post. I got about 27 posts backed up on WordPress none of them worthy of your peering eyes, but all of them good ideas or inspirations of one sort or another that went wrong. Today’s topic (and I resist the urge to continue KRS1’s lyrics from self destruction) is on OSX. No I didn’t say OS X I said OSX! [eh?1] At my new job they issued me one of those MacBook Pro laptops. Now I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and I just today started actually using it. Let me say this much, …as if I didn’t need another reason to stay away from Windows! I’m a Java developer right? So all this time I’ve been hacking away on Linux evangelizing it as the best thing since Run-DMC and twin turntables. Over the years I’ve heard these Mac guys boasting about OSX, *ahem* I mean OS X, and how great it is. I dunno if I told you all but I sat on the other side of the cubicle wall from one of these Mac guys. We used to go back and forth all the time about OS eye candy and cool features. I thought I finally had him with my demo of Beryl running on Kubuntu complete with Katapult to Amarok integration. I was on fire back then man! I had my windows burning up off the screen, the OSX err OS X genie effect, wobblies, rotating cube, true transparencies, and integration??? Let me tell you! I would “WinKey+R” to pull up Katapult type “be with” which would bring up an icon of the album art from my favorite R&B single “Be without you” by Mary J. push enter and the track would start playing. Then I’d grab and spin the desktop cube 180 in real time where Amarok would be waiting displaying the lyrics so that I could sing along. I had the works. Katapult integrated to Amarok, Amarok integrated with Kopete / KMail / Kontact. Kontact schdulers linked with night builds the works! It all looked so cool and snazzy. Cool and snazzy when it worked. You see I was also constantly plagued with the need to tweak this or command line that or fiddle with those (those params! what are you thinking about?) to keep everything working right and I was always off by one. synaptic upgrade to get one app would break another. Automated OS up to date thingy sometimes pulled down a new kernel which would break VM ware making look retarded when I need to quickly test something in IE for another coworker.

What I learned over the years (I didn’t learn nothing I still do the same thing!) was that upgrades and bleeding edge technology and excessive tweaking always lead to unstabilities. That’s why my XP installs always ran slow and that’s why my Linux installs would crash like Windows. That’s besides the point! I came here to boast about OSX, dangit, OS X (that’s X as in ten not “X” after “W”)! Now what was I saying? Oh yeah, I’m a Java guy right? So now I got this Mac book pro and it’s like off the chains with goodies! This is the part where the post falls to pieces because I suck at giving good descriptions about stuff and typically resort to dumb analogies that relate in no practical way. The Mac book let’s you play chess! Yeah, I know that means nothing to you unless you’re a chess buff like I am and realize that you play with your mouth, err your voice instead of using the mouse or keyboard. I was all talking to my Macbook last night telling it things like “pawn E2 to E4” and then the little pieces would move around the screen. Then the Mac would respond in a girlie like voice (because I taught it to talk like a girl. Not by training it with my own voice which sounds nothing like a girl but by programming it because that’s umm what I do! I’m a Java guy right?) and say things like “bishop G5 takes knight D6”. But that’s not all. This thing has a camera built in but you wouldn’t know it until you did something crazy like change your login avatar and click the button that says “take a video snapshot”. I mean the thing is a little inconspicuous black dot on the lid and it looks you dead in the eye as you sit with a stoopid glare trying to figure out where the dang thing gets its video feed from. Meanwhile you’re looking at your dumb mug on the 15″ screen looking around all crazy for a bulky web cam or a Punked! crew behind the wall ready to spring out and laugh at you because you can’t figure out the doggone joke because “you really thought the laptop had a camera didn’t you? Hahahahaha!!!” Then you realize there is no Punked! crew or bulky round object but just the little black dot making fun of you because you look like you’ve finally entered the twenty first century and you see yourself looking all “I just stepped into the twenty first century” like.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m a Java guy right? Well I’m playing with this Macbook when I realize that the chess game isn’t the only thing you can speak to. The whole doggone OS is wired with speech reckognition. I enabled “speakable commands” and now I can say stuff like “computer what time is it?” and it responds in a girlie like voice (because I trained it to speak like a girl. Not because my voice… oh yeah I already said that…) “it’s 2:25 pm”. Then I can say stuff like “Switch to Firefox” and it brings my webpage to the forefront where I sit and key about all the wonderful things Steve Jobs has done for humanity. Then I find out that I can say something like “tell me a joke” (because I’m big on jokes and humor but I’m not really all that funny) and it engages me in a random knock knock joke. Then I actually laugh at the joke! I laugh at a knock knock joke! I’ve heard tons of them but the ones on the Mac book are funny! Maybe they wouldn’t be as funny if I hadn’t spent the last minute laughing at how dumb I looked searching for the Punked! crew followed by my amazement at this thin device that seems to be having an intellectual conversation with me. Maybe it wouldn’t be funnyif I heard it mumbled from the mouth of a coworker or boss. (you know how a joke always lose its flare when a coworker or your boss fumbles the punch line?) But dagnabbit! It was funny! And I laughed hard. Then I had to explain to my coworker why I was laughin at an inanimate object. Once I did that the joke became funny all over again. There’s many other things that I’d love to brag about but I’m killing too much clock. So to all my homies, if you really wanna party with me put your hypertext where my eyes can see…

1. What’chu talkin’ ’bout OSX?: I’ve been pronouncing the name phonetically oh-ess-ecks when it supposed to be pronounced numerically oh-ess-ten!
2. There’s a whole ‘nother story about me stepping into the twenty first century with my first mobile phone that I have to save for another day because it’s not nearly as interesting as the above story. Not that the above story is interesting to you at all but I think it’s rather entertaining because I’m living it and feeling entertained! So if you’re not entertained go buy your own Macbook and write a dumb story about it then you’ll see what I mean!