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With respect for Kathy

Kathy Seirra, one of the top three bloggers that I know of has been under attack. The short story is some people thought it would be comical, daring, or cool to slander the woman over the internet for whatever reason. The entire situation is foolish but you can’t easily stop something as powerful as the …

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Groovy Invaders II

Yesterday I began a trail on my development of the classic Space Invaders using Groovy. So far I only shared my Maven “pom.xml” which I will use to build my final project. I’d eventually like to execute the project with Maven if possible/practical but since I’m still a newbie I’ll stay content with a basic …

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Groovy Invaders

Update!! I’m adding more info about setting up the project at the tail end of this post. Please read after the Maven2 pom.xml to see the updated information. What’s up party people??!! I’m off and running with a series devoted to creating the classic SpaceInvaders game using Groovy as my programming language of choice. Those …

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Groovy and Open GL

I’ve been occasionally folling with Groovy and Open GL on the side but I have had any radical success. So far I managed to find a quick start tutorial on JOGL and rewrite the code using Groovy. (The rewrite consisted of a copy and paste and the removal of one anonymous inner class.) While I’m …

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Open GL

I’ve not had much time to work with Open GL under groovy as I planned but that will change today. I made a commitment to do two things: Figure out what the heck Open GL is Write my first hello world Open GL app with Groovy Now some people would wonder why write Open GL …

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