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Incidentally, GSpec is the best

Searchmash lists me number one for the “best bdd java behavior”. I’m humbled but modest. C’mon, my product isn’t even finished yet! While it works on simple Groovy designs, It’s still mostly concept. Nice to feel important though. Let’s see what Google says…

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GSpec bug fix

I got rid of the nasty JUnitGSpecSuiteBuilder bug that was preventing my testSpec method from being executed. If you don’t know what any of that means just pretend that you do and be glad. I’m now working on using Groovy M.O.P. to add GSpec’s dynamic methods and properties instead of using the wrapper object. What …

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Design By Contract – The Wonders of Abstract Classes

I found an article that preaches a technique that I’ve recently adopted. That technique, I guess, can be formerly referred to as design by contract. (Keep this page bookmarked because I’m thinking of posting a brief example over this weekend.) In short, what I do is start my unit tests using abstract classes. Abstract classes?? …

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GSpec for Java BDD

What is BDD? Webster defines it as Behaviour Driven Development. (Not that Webster, this Webster! Yeah, I asked him the other day and he was all like, “Behaviour Driven” in his tiny voice.) I stumbled across the idea a while ago thanks to the lovely folks over in the Ruby camp. They have taken the …

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BiLingual GSpec?

While demo’ing GSpec to my buddy this morning, he presented an interesting twist on the whole concept. It’s something that sounds wild but I might entertain it just as a demonstration of the whole DSL natural language programming idea. What if we could code gspecs in Spanish, German or some other foreign language? Right now …

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GSpec is available

My long awaited submission to the Groovy prject is finally available. I’m still not quite sure what I’m doing on xircles but I think I have it submitted the right way. I’ve added preliminary JUnit integration along with an integration JUnit test to exercise the support. Basically what that means is I’ve added a JUnit …

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Groovy, Maven, Idea and more

I’ve been fighting to make some progress on my GSpec project and I’m at a standstill. The big problem is that I migrated all of my work off of my windows partition onto my Mepis install. On top of that I’ve upgraded to the latest Idea Selena (7.0 EAPO build) and GroovyJ is no longer …

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Groovy, Maven, and GSpec Trouble

It’s not going too well tonight. I’m enjoying a 12oz. bottle of Labatt Blue and not enjoying my struggle to integrate GSpec with JUnit. The problem is my much bragged about Groovy Maven2 integration. I haven’t done anything with it in some time so I forget how things kinda work. Plus most of my prototyping …

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GSpec revisited

I’m playing with GSpec some more because I can’t keep my mind off of it. There’s something about programming in what practically reads like english that amazes me. Being able to do that with a language that I created, a language that compiles to JVM byte-code, a language that runs on my JVM, is just …

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My theoretical GSpec

Yesterday I went bonkers over a Google talk on RSpec and even managed a half-baked version of the idea in a few lines of Groovy. (To be honest the RSpec project is way more involved than my humble Groovy 10-15 liner.) Today I’d just like to point out my biggest hurdle in trying to implement …

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