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`Which Java`?

I’m a little frustrated because I’ve been hitting some memorable distro-issues throughout the week and revisiting some of my old topics to help me through. Today I wanted to install Charles proxy so I can sniff HTTP traffic and rememberize all of the neat-o stuff I used to know about HTTP. Here’s one thing that …

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How to use rapc from RIM… dirty details!

What’s really going on in rapc, Blackberry’s crazed compile tool? Let me begin by telling you that everything you’ve read until this point is not entirely accurate. There are those that will tell you that you have to run preverify.exe prior to running rapc. Then there are those who will tell you that the bb-ant-tools …

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Groovy Ant Secrets

I was pondering about this earlier today. Wondering how I would invoke an Ant task that used nested text data using Groovy Ant. Why? Because I looked at the Ant script task while browsing Ant docs and said, “Hmm. that’d be neat to embed a script in a GroovyAnt build… but how do I pass …

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GMaven for Blackberry development on a Mac?

Ok, it’s been a while but I finally posted the code for GMaven-Blackberry in another blog post. I’ve gone clear outta my mind. I’m thinking let’s build a blackberry native app on the Mac. Sure! Why not? I mean there’s only the long-standing platform incompatibilities between J2ME and OS X, the windows-oriented nature of Blackberry …

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Using Groovy with Maven

Quick update. If you use Maven and got used to Groovy a while ago (in the 1.0 and 1.1 days) like I did you might be looking for Groovy-1.5 in the Maven repos. Don’t look here. Instead look here. The groovy stuff is in a new location under org/codehaus/groovy.

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Pyx4ME Hack

It’s late tonight but I gotta get this posted. I’m still trying to get a good dev cycle with the Maven Pyx4ME maven plug in and IntelliJ Idea. I’m running on Parallels on my Mac. Here’s an extra tag I added to the project generated from the pyx4ME archetype: This lets me run my project …

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IIOException can’t create cache file

Tomcat + ImageIO What do you get? Trouble! Who would guess that doing PNG conversion with JDK APIs requires you to have a temp folder off of $CATALINA_BASE? After being labeled the build master unofficially, I took the initiative (if you can call totally screwing up a quasi-production deployment initiative) to prune what looked like …

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Get’cha Groove On

I’ve been slowly getting back into my Groovy state of mind after immersing in Maven2, Servlets, and J2ME for over a year. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand yet another programming language then this topic is for you. If you’re one of those who think “My language grammar suites me just fine” …

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Dynamic Language Syntax

It’s late and I’m working on my 2nd Budweiser (16oz cans). I got no business posting some in depth technical artical. But I gotta tell you how easy it is to build a dynamic language with Groovy. Tonight I took literally 10 minutes to build a basic GSpec like example using the ExpandoMetaClass in Groovy …

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Blackberry white screen of death

If you own a Blackberry device and you like to play with things, like ringtones or wallpapers, or games, or if you develop software for Blackberry devices like I do then listen up! That’s right, put your ear next to your web browser and listen! There’s a new threat for computer hardware and it effects …

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