4 thoughts on “Live!

    1. Hi Clifton!
      I am just now catching up to what you have been up to!! I love the apartment! You and the family seem to have settled in very nicely. 🙂 I am very proud of you both!!
      Have you and Allie made it to London yet?
      I can’t wait to hear about it!
      That’s all for now.
      Love you very much.
      Aunt Sharon

    1. Hi Clifton!!
      WOW! Asha Holi!!! Go figure!? Throwing paint and water on one another. Looks like it could be fun however the article I read said that sometimes people do become angry or fearful because of the mayhem that goes on there. Did you participate? Did you bring the girls to participate? What about Allie did she go and check it out too? I say you were very brave to hang around and actually video tape 2 mins. of the event. I was waiting for someone to come over and douse you and your camera with paint. Boy, you are bold!! Well…., I learn something new everyday just like you. California is very progressive.
      Thanks for sharing with us today. 🙂
      Aunt Sharon

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